In a distant universe known as FreeDroid, billions of lifeforms from different planets, moons, asteroids and nebulae co-existed and traded together in peace, fairness and harmony. These species thrived on their ability to share ideas, inventions, recipes and procedures freely and without restrictions.

They traded with each other without a middle person. Nobody could dictate what they could trade or share. This freedom led to even more growth and opportunities for the inhabitants of FreeDroid.

But things changed when the Bandits arrived.

The Bandits are a ragtag group of criminals and mercenaries sponsored by species in the beta quadrant of the universe. This side of the universe believed that all trade must take place within their quadrant and all trades must be approved by their God King. For many years, the Bandits disrupted the lines of trade and destroyed planets that refused to comply with their demands. Billions of species were made extinct.

When the suffering became unbearable, the citizens of FreeDroid decided to set up a police department to defend the universe against the bandits. It was decided that each of the 10,000 habitable planets produced an agent to join the new DroidPD.

DroidPD is a collection of 10,000 agents policing the FreeDroid universe to ensure peaceful, non-intermediated commerce between species.

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