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Trading Reward

The Joint Protocol allows traders to earn P2P tokens when they trade in a verified market.

It’s quite simple; trade and earn P2P tokens.

As a liquidity provider (or maker), you earn a reward for completing a trade.

As a taker, you earn a reward for starting and completing a trade.

The trading reward program is an important part of our token economic and distribution model. We desire to efficiently and fairly distribute the initial supply of the P2P token into the possession of our community.

What is a verified market?

A verified market is one whose base token has been verified by Joint Protocol’s governance.

To prevent the misallocation of rewards to markets created for the purpose of farming rewards, only users trading in verified markets will be entitled to rewards.

Community members will be able to propose new markets or tokens for verification.

How to earn the trading reward?

The trading reward is earned when a swap is completed. A reward is calculated and allocated to the trade participants on completion of a trade. Both liquidity providers and takers earn rewards based on their trading volume.

Allocation & Phases

The Joint Protocol has reserved 20% of the initial token supply for trading rewards. This allocation will be distributed in phases spread over a 2-year period across four supported chains. When the allocation is exhausted, the reward program ends.

PhaseDuration (days)Daily Allocation (P2P)Phase Allocation (P2P)

How is reward calculated?


Reward = $(a/b)*c$


  • a = User volume on day 1.
  • b = Total volume on day 1.
  • c = Total allocation on day 1.


  • User A trades 10 ETH worth of volume on day 1.
  • There is 10,000 ETH worth of volume on Joint Protocol on day 1.

Based on the above, User A will receive:

(10/10,000) * 1,200,000 = 12,000

How to withdraw?

Users can only withdraw rewards earned before the current trading day; they must wait for the current trading day to end before they can withdraw rewards earned within it.

For example: Supposing User A earned 250 P2P on the current trading day (Day 1), User A will only be able to withdraw the 250 P2P on the next trading day (Day 2).

Users can check and withdraw their rewards from the Reward page.