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Stake P2P, Earn P2P + Fees

The Joint Protocol features a staking program where you can stake your P2P token and get an additional P2P token, and that’s not all! When you stake, you also get a portion of every fee the protocol earns from trade.

Fee Rewards

The Joint Protocol collects a small fee from every completed trade; Most of the fees are transferred to a special smart contract from where it is distributed to stakers in proportion to their stake amount - the more stake a user has, the more fee reward they can claim.

How many tokens are allocated to P2P stakers?

10% (100,000,000) of the initial supply is allotted for staking pools. The allocation will be split equally and deposited into the staking contracts of 4 launch networks. The allocation is designed to last for 720 days; 138,888 P2P will be released each day.

What happens when the allocation runs out?

When the allocation is exhausted, no more P2P tokens will be allocated. However, fee rewards will continue to be allocated to those still staked. If a staker removes their stake, they will no longer get a share of the fee rewards.

How is reward calculated?


(x / y) (a / b) c


  • x: User A P2P token balance
  • y: Total P2P token balance
  • a: Total P2P reward
  • b: Program duration (in seconds)
  • c: User A stake duration (in seconds)


  • Supposing program duration is two (2) days (172800 seconds);
  • and the total reward is 1000 P2P
  • and the total P2P token stake is 100 P2P
  • User A has a stake of 50 P2P on day 2 of the program (86400 seconds).

User A’s reward is 250 P2P:

(50/100) (1000/172800) 86400 = 250