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Protocol Fee

The Joint protocol collects a small fee from every completed trade and sends most of it to the fee pool to be shared with stakers.

Every 24 hours, accrued fees are transferred to the fee staking pool.

Who can receive the protocol fee reward?

The fee pool mirrors the staking pool - only users with a stake in the staking pool are eligible to receive rewards from the fee pool.

When a P2P holder deposits P2P tokens into the staking pool, the same amount of tokens deposited into the pool is also reflected in the protocol fee pool. Likewise, if the user removes P2P from the staking pool, the same amount is removed from the fee pool.

What token is the fee reward denominated in?

Since the Joint Protocol collects fees from all markets with varying trade pairs, fees will be denominated in many different tokens (e.g WETH, WBTC, USDC etc).

What is a shareable token?

A shareable token is a token whose fees are collected and shared with stakers.

At launch, only reputable tokens’ fee earnings are shared with the staking pool.

Joint Team will temporarily reserve the ability to add tokens to the shareable list with community guidance.

Will fee sharing end?

No. Unlike the staking pool, where the P2P allocation will eventually be depleted, the fee pool will continue to be replenished as long as the protocol generates revenue. Stakers will continue to receive fee rewards even when the staking pool P2P token allocation dries out.