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Liquidity Reward

The Pool Reward program is Joint Protocol’s mechanism for incentivising liquidity for the P2P tokens by rewarding users that stake P2P-ETH UniswapV2 LP tokens.

Users who lock their LP tokens in the LPPool contract will begin to receive P2P rewards until they unlock their LP tokens or the program concludes.

How many P2P rewards are available?

Joint Protocol has allocated 2% (20,000,000) of P2P token supply to liquidity providers across four (4) launch chains. The allocation is expected to last for 360 days; 55,555 P2P will be released daily.

How is reward calculated?


(x / y) (a / b) c


  • x: User A LP token balance
  • y: Total LP token locked
  • a: Total P2P reward
  • b: Program duration (in seconds)
  • c: User A stake duration (in seconds)


  • Supposing program duration is two (2) days (172800 seconds);
  • and the total reward is 1000 P2P
  • and the total LP token stake is 100 P2P
  • User A has a stake of 50 LP on day 2 of the program (86400 seconds).

User A’s reward is 250 P2P:

(50/100) (1000/172800) 86400 = 250

How can I check and withdraw rewards?

You can view your reward balance and withdraw from the Reward page.