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The Joint Protocol allows Droid holders to earn a share of the protocol’s revenue by staking their NFT. When a Droid purchases Energon, the Energon not only allows the Droid to participate in protocol governance but also automatically stakes the Energon into the protocol’s FeePool.

P2P Allocation

10% (100,000,000 P2P) of the initial P2P token supply is allocated to DroidPD NFT. When a newly minted Droid creates all its Energon, the Energon is automatically converted to P2P tokens and staked in the protocol’s FeePool.

How is the staking reward calculated?

See the formula on the staking page.

Can an NFT stake be removed?

No. It cannot be removed.

Can I add more P2P to my NFT stake in the FeePool?

No, the NFT stakes cannot be increased.