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The Joint Protocol introduces its flagship NFT project, which is known as DroidPD (Droid Police Department). DroidPD is the medium by which the protocol and community tell the story of decentralized, person-to-person commerce. It is also the protocol’s mascot, which holds a significant role in protocol governance and economics.

What is DroidPD

DroidPD is a free-mint NFT project consisting of 10,000 droids drafted into the police department of FreeDroid universe. The agent’s role is to protect the universe's inhabitants from those seeking to prevent them from trading openly and freely.

Read the Lore.


See the Utility page.


Droids are special. They are made up of many traits which give them their uniqueness. But that's not all. Each trait of a Droid is backed by a fuel called Energon. Energon is created by burning Joint Protocol’s P2P tokens. **

Energon gives Droids the energy to carry out their duties and receive protocol benefits. Without the fuel, a Droid cannot contribute to securing the FreeDroid (the protocol). Energon gives a Droid owner a permanent stake in the Joint Protocol.

See the Energon page for more details.


A trait is a feature of a Droid; a Droid is made up of eight randomly selected traits combined to give the Droid form, colour and other features. Each trait has an Energon requirement that must be met before the Droid can go to battle.

See the Traits page for Energon requirements.

What is the mint price?

DroidPD is a free mint project! You will not be required to pay to mint it. However, you must first earn a spot on the allowlist to mint.