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Based on the DroidPD story, FreeDroid is an alternate, fictional universe. The home of the DroidPD and other Droid-like beings. A universe whose inhabitants are robots that live in peace, engaged in commerce and exchange of ideas until everything got disrupted by another lineage of Droids — The bandits. DroidPD is the police department dedicated to keeping the peace and ensuring continued trading and exchange of ideas.

What does FreeDroid represent?

FreeDroid represents a world we at Joint Team dream of. One where commerce and the sharing of ideas are unlimited. Where no one needs permission to exchange things, it is a framework for the world we hope to enable through the Joint Protocol.

What is the plan for FreeDroid?

We plan to make FreeDroid into an open-world RPG game in the future. However, we classify such an endeavour as a secondary utility of DroidPD; this means we make no promises and our attempt is purely experimental.

The primary utility for DroidPD remains those offered by Joint Protocol (Discounted fees, Governance and Fee-sharing).

What is DroidPD's role in FreeDroid?

In a FreeDroid world, the DroidPD will be law enforcers and keepers of the peace. They will police the planets and fight off bandits and those that endanger the Citizens and Elders.