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Energon is an experimental concept for the DroidPD ecosystem. It is still undergoing development. While Energon is an ERC20 token, it should only be considered as a point system at this time.


Energon is an ERC-20 token that represents the fuel or energy of a Droid. A Droid may only gain full access to utilities introduced by the Joint Team and others in the ecosystem if it has sufficient Energon.

Like blockchain accounts, a Droid can maintain an Energon balance; The holder can deposit Energon into a Droid, withdraw the Energon or burn it. These functionalities are designed for future utility of the Droid NFTs.

Energon Utility

  • Energon can be used for minting Droids. With enough Energon, community members can mint a DroidPD NFT.
  • Energon allows Droid NFT holders to claim a stake in the Joint Protocol’s FeePool, where protocol revenue is shared.
  • Energon is the official token of the DroidPD and FreeDroid universe. It will be used as a unit of account and medium of trade within the DroidPD ecosystem.

How is Energon created?

  • A newly minted Droid is entitled to a random number of Energon allocations. The amount is determined by the combination of traits that make up the Droid.
  • Energon will also be created by burning Crew3 XP during the community onboarding phase.
  • It will also be possible to mint Energon in FreeDroid by performing specific actions.

Can I stake Energon?

No, you cannot stake Energon. However, you can deposit it into a Droid.

Do newly minted Droids come with Energon?

Yes, each Droid is allocated a random amount of Energon and P2P tokens. While the P2P tokens must be claimed via an ETH deposit, the Energon can be freely accessed. Although, Energon transfer is currently disabled for now.

How much Energon is allocated to a Droid?

A Droid is entitled to the total sum of the Energon associated with each trait it comprises.

Supposing a Droid has three (3) traits where:

  • Trait A is assigned 10 Energon
  • Trait B is assigned 5 Energon
  • Trait C is assigned 30 Energon

The Droid will be allocated a total of 45 Energon. The rarer the trait, the higher the Energon allocation.

Can I trade Energon?

No. Since transfer functions are disabled, it is not possible to trade Energon. In the future, this may change when we announce new utilities.