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What is DroidPD?

DroidPD is the official mascot of the Joint Protocol project and ecosystem. DroidPD tells the story of 10,000 agents protecting the FreeDroid universe inhabitants from those seeking to prevent free trade and exchange of ideas.

What is the mint price?

DroidPD NFT is a free mint project. So you only have to earn a spot in the allowlist.

How to get on the allowlist?

Complete tasks on our official Crew3 page and earn XPs. Please have a look at the how-to-wl page for more information.

What is the utility?

DroidPD NFT grants holders a protocol fee discount of up to 25%. Additionally, holders would have the ability to participate in Joint Protocol governance. As participants in protocol governance, holders earn a portion of the Joint Protocol’s revenue.

What is Energon?

Energon is the fuel that DroidPD NFT agents (a.k.a Droids) run on. It is what we humans call energy. Energon is an ERC-20 token whose utility will mostly be unravelled as the DroidPD ecosystem develops. Currently, it is mainly used as a point system and spent to mint DroidPD NFT and in P2P token airdrop.

When will mint begin?

The exact time for minting will be announced soon. Follow us on Twitter and join our community to be one of the first to know.

How can DroidPD NFT earn protocol fees?

A DroidPD NFT may earn some protocol fees through staking. However, the NFT must first claim its P2P allocation, automatically staked into the Protocol’s fee-sharing contract. Since each NFT allocation is randomly assigned based on the rarity of their traits, the more rare traits a Droid have, the more fees they can receive.

How can I claim P2P allocation for my Droid?

In the future, the Joint Labs team will enable a self-allocation function in the NFT contract. The function will mint Energon based on your Droid’s traits and burn them to mint P2P tokens that are automatically and permanently staked. Note: while mint is free, self-allocation will not be free; holders must purchase the P2P allocation from the contract.

Where can I get more information?

Check out our NFT documentation.